Saturday, August 22, 2015

Windy nights

The wind howled like a wounded animal. The signal was gone from the TV and all that was left was static. The boards of the house creaked in agony. I stood up from the dusty couch and gave the receiver a gentle punch, and then a harder one. No go.

I try to look out the window, but the wind is so strong and the rain so dense that I can hardly see a foot ahead. I’d never seen such a nasty storm before. There seemed to be something odd about it, though. The light was strange.

And then I heard something hit my roof. Startled, for a moment I just stood there and did absolutely nothing. Then I heard another bump, a louder one. The hair on the back of my neck bolted up. It’s better that I get this over with quick, I told myself, so I went up the stairs.

I couldn’t risk going out there with the wind so strong, but I wanted to go as high up, so I opened the door to the attic and climbed the latter. To my surprise, there was a large hole in the ceiling, a downpour coming in outside. In a puddle made by the rain lay a figure. It was a woman, dressed in something weird – an outfit with protrusions that made it resemble a kite. No doubt startled by my sudden emergence, she got up, took off her goggles and gave me a weak smile.

“Sorry about your antenna.”

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