Saturday, May 23, 2015

She's the Man

“So let me get this straight,” Liz said as she leaned over the coffee shop table. Her friends all turned to face her. “You guys are saying that a real man has a wallet on him? What kind of logic is that?”

“According to Eustace,” Hector said, defensively crossing his big, tattooed hands over his chest. The light reflected off his bald head as he adjusted his glasses. Then he went on, stroking his gingerbeard. “I think a watch is more important.”

“Still, what’s all that without a car, eh?” said Lou, looking tall and lanky as usual in the big cushioned chair, his messy black hair almost entirely covering his eyes.

“Can’t afford a car without any money,” Eustace interjected, his prematurely graying curls bouncing on his head as he pointed his finger at the ceiling, more out of habit than to actually point to anything meaningful.

“But how does all that make you a man? It’s just stuff.”

“How else do you impress girls, though,” Hector retorted, the other two nodding in agreement.

“Wait.” Everyone’s gaze turned to Liz again. She spotted a hint of panic in their eyes, which made her smirk a bit. “So what you’re saying is that a real man has a girlfriend.”

“I guess that’s what it all comes down to, yes,” Lou nodded slowly.

“Okay then,” Liz picked up Hector’s latte and finished it up in one gulp. She stood up, turned toward the entrance with a triumphant smile and said “I’ll be seeing you, ladies.”

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