Saturday, May 2, 2015


The water turns red. It’s just like that evening we spent on the beach. When the sun was almost gone and people looked like shadows. I remember the warmth of your hand. Maybe I’ll get to feel it again soon? Doubtful I’m going where you are, though.

They tell me what I did was right, but it didn’t feel right at all. They said justice would be served, that he’d rot in jail for the rest of his life. As long as I performed the surgery, he couldn’t get away. And so I did it. I saved his life. I saved the life of a man who said he was fighting for justice. Murdering innocents for “justice”. That’s what he was. A murderous fiend. I saw him do it on television. I saw him snuff the life out of you while you were holding your hands up in the air, shouting,  begging. “I’m unarmed,” you cried.

And I saved his life. Is that justice?

My breath slows down and I feel faint. The darkness comes as the red swirls closer and closer to me. I have failed to avenge you, my love. But I still hope you’ll have me there.

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