Saturday, August 16, 2014

Another hot day

The heat was immense. The sun was burning so much I could barely stand. But the weather was nice, the smells so pleasant, it was too hard to resist. I just stood there, taking in my surroundings. I heard the grass sway in the wind, dandelions heave with their ripe smell. But then I heard a sound. A terrifying, metallic clang. I dashed to hide as fast as I could, crawling beneath something I didn’t manage to take a good look of. But I knew this stuff. It was always safe under there. It gave me shade. It was cool and the smell was really unique. Someone was coming, but all I could see were feet. Even after they’d disappeared from view, I still stayed in that place. But I started to feel paranoid. Sounds coming from everywhere, and I didn’t really have a good opportunity to look around. So I crawled out and looked left and right – the coast was clear. I ran up without a sound, as I always do, to that familiar tree – my tree. One, two, three leaps were enough for me to find myself at the top. The view was simply the best there. I could see tons of people walking on the sidewalk, but I knew they couldn’t see me. Feeling at ease in that situation, I started to brush myself. But then I heard that dreaded voice. The voice of a child who would always spot me and would simply never leave me alone. I knew the rest of my day would be hell.

“Here kitty, kitty,” it called, its high pitched voice piercing my ears.

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