Saturday, August 2, 2014


Tap, tap, tap. My footsteps echo as I make my way down the narrow alley, hand sliding along the wall, taking in every little dent, every imperfection, every little sign that the walls were made by living hands and were inhabited by living beings. Life flowed within the wall. I can feel it as I took in the heat of its surface. I can smell the heat. The warm, summer air. Arid, but pleasant. Filled to the brim with promises of many exotic and familiar flavors that await me once I reach the end of the alley. My stomach can’t hold it much longer. My brain is overloaded with anticipation. I grow tired of the darkness – I open my eyes. For a moment I see nothing. Then colors start to surface – deep oranges with splashes of green assault me. I feel even warmer, my appetite ever stronger. I pick up my pace. Tappity tap, tap. I’m almost there.

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