Sunday, June 21, 2015

Orpheus 17, Captain's Log

March 24th

Drifting in this void is beginning to get to my head. It’s been three months since we lost transmission with Earth. I find myself visiting the rec room more and more often. For some reason, I don’t really feel like spending time with the others. Our ship is making plenty of noise, but we still haven’t picked up any signal. It’s a bizarre feeling, being so far away from home not even the stars look familiar. I just hope whatever civilization we find has more soup.

March 27th

Doyle has been acting strange lately. He’s complaining about a scratching noise in his room which no one else can hear. I tried to comfort him by challenging him to a friendly game of snooker, but he was paranoid throughout. I promised to switch beds with him. We’ll see if I can hear that pesky rat alien or whatever it is.

March 28th

No scratching reported, but now Doyle’s missing.

March 29th

Found Doyle outside in a spacesuit. He’s feeling well. But how did he get out there?

April 1st

We found the body of another Doyle outside. The “Doyle” inside is something else. If you find this message – RUN!