Sunday, March 15, 2015

RIP Raymond

Yesterday, Raymond died.

I never really got to say goodbye to him, even though I knew he didn’t have much more time. He’s been looking worse and worse every day for some time now. I did all I could to nurse him back to health. Now the house just feels empty without him.

I remember how brimming with life he was when I first brought him home. Just looking at him brightened my mood. He was robust and radiant. He didn’t move much, but the way he stretched made him seem bold and confident. The first time we moved, he seemed okay. I mean, he did get some strange spots on him for a while, but it seemed like nothing serious. That apartment was warm though, so I guess there was no reason for him to get sick. But then we moved again. I guess it was just too cold for him here…

We did our best. We gave him enough water and we placed him in the sunlight whenever we could. But he just refused to drink and withered away. It was sad to see him become so shriveled, so weak. I could tell he was suffering by how small he’d become. I miss him dearly.

Goodbye, Raymond. You were a beautiful ficus.

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