Saturday, January 10, 2015

Kill the lights

The lights went out. I’m scared shitless. I know they’ll come. They always do when the lights go out.

The lights went out. The heady smell of roses seemed to fill my whole head with lustful thoughts. I headed into the bedroom. I knew it was his doing. He always remembered  our anniversary.

The lights went out. Now how the fuck am I supposed to prepare for finals?

The lights went out. They were out for quite some time. I could tell my fingers had been wrinkled for a long time now. Maybe this was a sign. Maybe it was time to end it all.

The lights went out. Ten minutes pass. Eleven and a half. This isn’t what I pay my bills for.

The lights went out. I tripped over my coffee table. How glad I was that I had cleared it earlier that day. Just a couple minutes ago there would’ve been a large mug of coffee on it. I turned the screen of my phone on and touched around in search of a candle. And there it was. I lit it and set the table back to its original position. I sat down next to it, the candle warming up the air in the night. This is nice.

The lights went out. I gulped. The staircase was pretty terrifying with the lights out. The bouquet in my hand suddenly seemed very heavy. Calm down, man. You can do it. After a couple of moments of heavy breathing, I could finally make out the stairs, so I started making my way up. But which floor did she live on again?

The lights went out. I’m scared shitless. The whole building will be at my throat if I don’t fix this soon. Why do I always get stuck with the evening jobs? I should’ve listened to Bob. “Their wires are pretty fucked up,” he said. “You’d better get your flashlight, just in case,” he said. “Nah, I’ll be fine,” I said. I reach down to my toolbox and pull out what I think is a screwdriver. I take a deep breath and tighten my grip around the tool. Please God, don’t let me die today.

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