Saturday, December 6, 2014

The Path to Eden I - Candy

The lights in the sky woke me up. I lay on the hard surface of the roof, his lean body sprawled next to mine, naked, unaware of the magnificent spectacle I had just witnessed. I have encountered angels, my dear companion. And they have chosen me. I stood up and put on my cloak. Though it did little to shield my bare thighs from the chilly wind, I wasn’t bothered by it. Entranced with the glittering orbs, I paid little attention to my earthly body. I always knew I was part of something bigger.

I scanned the surface of the roof in search of my clothes. They didn’t fly very far away, which was pretty disappointing. Usually nights like this ended with me having to go home with nothing but my cloak on. I got dressed and did my hair up in twin tails, as I usually did. Not wanting to wake up the man with me, I just lay a kiss on his cheek and placed the ribbon he untied from my skirt yesterday in his hand, as a little gift. His face wasn’t nearly as cute as I remembered, but who cares? Everything has changed now.

The stairs leading down into the building were littered with all sorts of junk and quite a number of people. Some alone, some in couples, others yet in larger chaotic bundles of a non-descript shape. How beautiful it was to see such pure love and freedom. People free of their inhibitions, intoxicated by the raw sensuality of a party, letting loose, giving in to their most basic carnal desires. Absolutely marvelous. That reminded me of something I had to do, however. I entered the elevator. It was occupied, but I could still fit. I pushed the panel, ordering the elevator to reach the ground floor. I put on my glasses and as I waited for the OS to boot up, I glanced at the couple sprawled on the ground. Either of them could be male or female, it didn’t really matter. They were both topless, cuddled in a tight embrace, the tattoos mapped on their bare bodies blending into one another, as if they had been sown together from birth. In that little split second, I was wishing I could be another part of that perfect unity.

And then the glass OS UI showed up in front of my eyes. My message box was overflowing with people expressing their eagerness to  see me, or their shock at all the lights in the sky. I asked the glass to clear it all for me, as I didn’t have too much time. I needed to notify everybody that I wouldn’t be available tonight, or ever, for that matter, but that they shouldn’t worry. Your dear Candy is going places, the ending of the message read. Send, I thought, and the glass obeyed, sending the message to all the recipients.

The cool air hit me again when I exited the building. I covered my head with the large, furry hood my cloak came equipped with, but the real problem were the legs. Stockings were not the best idea at this time of day and at this time of year. My heart was still racing, though, and I really couldn’t care less about the cold at that point.

For all these years, all I had to go with were some hazy memories. Shady glimpses of a long hallway, strange lights, and lots of pain. I often forgot about all that and thought that it was all just a bad dream. That aliens didn’t exist. But my body knew. They changed it. And they did that for a reason that I might soon find out. And the most incredible thing about that vision last night? I saw her again. Angela. My hero. The one who drove us all out of that hellish place, who made it possible for me to survive all the hell I had to go through later on. I knew that wherever we were all going, we were following her lead, and that was enough for me to feel perfectly fine with that. Needless to say, I was pretty stoked to find out what all this Contact business was about. So I made haste and made my way to where my gut was telling me to go.

I got on the monorail. The train was deserted and the city looked pretty bizarre in this light. The pale sky dotted with white orbs in the background made it look as if the whole city had a halo above its firmament, as if it had transcended into a higher being itself. I got off at the completely empty station. There wasn’t a soul to be seen in the pristine hall, shimmering like glitter after the night staff had polished every last tile. There was no soul save for one, I noticed. A girl was squatting in the corner, coughing a very nasty cough. She looked a tad younger than me. A high school student, perhaps? Her brown hair was done in two very nice and thick braids. Concerned, I walked up to her. She turned around, startled, and stared at me. At first glance I thought that I had found Angela. Her face was almost identical, if too young for how old Angela should be today. Then there were the eyes – instead of Angela’s deep brown, I was met with a forest green. After a moment of silence and an awkward stare-off, I knew who I was looking at.

“Ellie?” I asked. The girl put down the arm she was covering the lower part of her face with. She was very pale, with big shadows below her eyes. She stared at me with a puzzled expression, for what seemed like an eternity. Then, at last, her voice, weak and trembling, reached me.

“Do I know you?”

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