Saturday, October 25, 2014

James Gobble

Using the freestyle plot generator, I generated a random book blurb. Based on that, I wrote a short little scene. Here's the blurb:
James Gobble
A War Novel
by John Doe
The night of the carol service changes everything for Marion Russell, a 124-year-old lawyer from Truro.
One moment, she is discussing dice with her loving lover, James Gobble; the next, watching with horror as peculiar robots blackmail each other.
She knows these robots came from Madrid but she can't prove it - at least not without some killer bacon.
The gracious, witty woman knows that her contented life is over. She acquires some killer bacon and is reborn as the hero who will save the world from peculiar robots.
However, the end of the world approaches, and time is running out for Marion. She is left with two options: stop the peculiar robots in one hour, or allow the world to end in a ball of fire.
And here's the story itself:

Marion knew it was crazy, yet she had little choice.

“You know it is crazy, Marion,” said her lover James Gobble. As she gazed into his concerned bottle-green eyes, she recalled that fateful night and their riveting conversation concerning dice. “How can you be sure this killer bacon will prove those robots came from Madrid?”

“I can’t,” she sighed as she pulled out a dusty box from beneath a wooden floor as the light of James’ flashlight illuminated her. “But I only have one hour left. I have no choice but to trust what that woman said.”

“Let’s just get out of here,” James sighed. “This place is making me feel… peculiar.”

That word unsettled Marion. “James… What did you just say?” she gasped. James’ face turned cold and the lights went out. The woman felt the box slip from between her fingers, and a hand pushing her to the ground by the neck. A cold, metal hand.

“How-“ Marion breathed as the peculiar robot pulled her by the hair and whispered into her ear in an unmistakably thick accent:

“Give it up, or you’ll never see your lover in one piece again, señorita.”