Saturday, September 6, 2014

Down the hole

I tripped.

I never thought I’d fall down so low. There was no hole, and yet down I went. The thick trunks of trees whirled before my eyes, their conjoined branches illuminated by the tiny rays of the setting sun forming multicolored vortexes . Red was the color I noticed the most first. It felt as if I’d been engulfed by a crimson whirl as I cried out for help, fiercely trying to cling to the life I was losing grip of. But no one came. The trees seemed further away, and yellow was my companion. At that point I turned my gaze into the abyss I was falling into. The yellow light was not enough to illuminate it. I trembled at the thought of reaching the bottom that was so low and let out a whimper. The trees were even more distant now and the light that stayed with me was green. The deep forest green that I knew I would never get to see again, the one that I most longed for at that moment. Wind hit my face, reminding me of the pleasant breeze I always felt when reading a book under my favorite tree. I let out a sigh.

And then I hit the ground.

I never expected the landing to be so soft. I looked up and couldn’t even see a trace of the forest I’d left behind. But it wasn’t dark. I found myself in the middle of a quiet chamber dyed a deep blue. I didn’t know where the light was coming from, but I didn’t care. The stone walls seemed cold and unwelcoming, but the blueness somehow made me feel at home. I knew then that there was no need for me to come back.

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