Saturday, July 5, 2014

The Journeyman

 They call him the Journeyman. Few know what he really looks like, and yet they all know he truly is, as they all follow him. For in your dreams he comes and beckons, lifting you from your sleepy abyss, leading you into the whirlwind of worlds unimaginable.

You feel his gentle touch as he makes his landing on your scalp. He dances down your forehead, ties a string to your nose and pulls you. Compelled by this dreamy invitation, you rise. Your body left behind, you start your journey. Flying across the skies, the dominion once ruled by birds that is now your own to command; breathing under the sea, among the dankest depths, encountering creatures beyond our comprehension; sailing across the stars, no barrier left unbreached, the lanes between worlds your home forever.

And when you wake, he brings you home safely. Some remember their treks in vivid detail, others are left knowing they had journeyed, and yet unable to find the words, having them always at the tip of their tongues. And then there are those who have forgotten their journeys forever. Yet not all is lost for them, as he will come another day, and another, always eager to lead the way.

And when you have reached the end of your days, he will come back to you. A tighter not than ever before, tied not on your nose, but on your ankle. He’ll gently pull you out of your abyss and guide you. For the true journey has only just begun, all dreams before only a taste of what is yet to come. 


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  1. I take my leave at night too, very often. I don't remember being able to breathe underwater, though - there was just this uncomfortable sensation, felt like I was drawning. Still, I guess that's something everyone can relate to. The feel, yes, something takes you on all those journeys. But hey, who hasn't met the Journeyman yet? :)