Saturday, March 8, 2014

Saturday Update #1

The time has come for the first Saturday update. Now, these posts are going to be a little different. I figured Saturday would be a day I would regularly update you on my status with regards to writing, along with posting a new story or piece of a story. Granted, stories can pop up anytime, but Saturday is the day that I want to be a given when it comes to new content. That way you at least get to read a new story once a week. So be sure you check in once a week - there's guaranteed to be new content :)

I've noticed there's quite a bit of people already reading and following this blog. I thank you for your commitment and hope you find these pieces enjoyable ;) However, today's update may have come as a surprise to many, as it was only one half of a full story. Most of the stories I've written so far are substantially longer than the first three entries I've posted. The Internet has little patience for long-winded blog posts, often prompting such comments as "tl;dr". For that reason, I've decided I'd divide my longer stories into sections, so that you may pay as much attention to a particular story, as you'd like. Worry not, though. If you're hooked on a story, you need wait no longer than a day to keep reading it. Whenever I divide a story, I'll do my best to post the following bits one by one in the following days. Thus, Matoya's story will conclude tomorrow.

Another interesting trend the Fabulous Misadventures of Matoya, the Witch have started are series. You may have noticed the number I next to the title. This indicates, that I intend for this story to be a part of a greater cycles. To put it simply - you can expect more chapters with Matoya in the future. I know some people have been asking for this, but at this moment I have no plans to follow-up on A Wedding and blue skies. However, if the demand is high enough and I have a good idea on a follow-up story, I may one day continue those ;)

So yeah, that's it for this week's update, I guess. If you have any suggestions or tips on how I can run this blog better, make it more interesting for you guys, or perhaps even some suggestions on what kind of stories you would like me to write, feel free to put them in the comments. I'm still relatively new to blogging, so any support you guys can give me would be great. I really appreciate your support so far and hope you guys have great fun reading my blog ;)


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