Sunday, March 13, 2016


You're drifting on a lime green current, your heart filled with glee. The pastel pink splashes assault your taste buds, your saliva dripping on the floor from delight. A golden ray of light touches your nostrils, forcing itself down your body. Your breath becomes faster and less even. You think you might be dying, but if this is dying, then oh boy, do you wish you could die every day now. The heat grows more intense as the cobalt blues and indigos splash over your body, sending a chill down your spine, spraying your body with salty drops. Oh fuck yes, you heave.

You feel the erratic thumps inside your body, your pulse of life. Tears fill your eyes as you see a shrowd of amarant fall down to expose a mass of color, shaped like people. I don't want this, you cry.

You turn around and and see nothing. A black abyss of emptiness. You are blind, your view is empty and broken. A chill suffocates you, sucking you dry. But it's okay, you say to yourself, and you turn back around. You click and feel the warmth come back to you. The pastel tsunami engulfs you once more.